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Telehealth Solutions


CareManagers provides a platform for the delivery of a wide variety of telehealth solutions. These include:

Web-based, secure, on-line video consultations with:


  • External Clinicians

  • Behavioral Health Providers

  • Family Members

  • Other appropriate parties


Centralized Personal Health Records

Biometric Data Collection Devices including, but not limited to:


  • Blood Pressure

  • Pulse Oximeters

  • Blood Glucose

  • Sprirometer

  • Weight Scales

  • These solutions can be delivered over a variety of modalities including:

  • Patients Personal Computers

  • Fixed Dedicated Kiosk

Rolling Cart Kiosk


A facility may choose to use either their own network of providers to connect remotely OR utilize CareManagers’ national network of providers in a variety of specialties to provide initial care or expert second opinions.

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